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1. How can I make an order?
You only have to send an e-mail, and write your address and phone number.
2. How long does it take to accomplish the order?
On avarage 1,5 of week, as far as non-standard constructions are concerned it can take longer-about 3 weeks.
3. Are the frames painted ?
Yes, standardly white and black, any other colours 8 euro, special paiting from 20 euro, polishing 25 euro.
4. What frames can you produce for an order?
We are able to make any frame or copy existing one. You only have to give the dimensions and angles.
5. Do you weld frames for the horizontal bicycles?
Yes. We've been recently welding frames for horizontal bicycles and other untypical constructions such as rikshaws, hang- gliders etc. In this case we need a very accurate project.
6. Is it possible to reserve the right to a particular frame?
If someone wants to reserve the right to a construction, he has to order a big number of the frames or pay for it.
7. Do you weld frames from bent pipes?
Of course, it does not make us any trouble.
8. Is it possible to order a frame with double CNC?
Of course, it is.
9. Are you able to strenghten frame in an optional place?
We can do it in any place, according to customer's wish.
10. Do you produce forks?
No, becouse it is not beneficial in isolated orders.